Portrait of Matilda & Mira

About Organik Mechanik

Our Story has evolved over the years in an organic way. Two friends came together with their joint passion for creativity, focusing on less impact on the environment.

It began as a spontaneous & genuine development of establishing skills in jewellery making. We first discovered this when meeting our lifetime friends and founders of “Circus Kinetica”, who took us under their wings and taught us the astonishing diversity of metalwork.

With this skill in our bags, we set out with a travelling workshop in the colourful land of India. We found fantastic opportunities to showcase our Jewellery at the world-renowned Night Market in Goa.


Our Vision

Our vision grew as we created our first clothing range, sourcing organic fabrics and using plant-based dyes. Each garment was hand-dyed by us over an open fire, using beautiful eco-friendly plant-based dyes produced by a small Indian firm.

Metal work jewellery
Organik Mechanik workshop
Eco friendly jewellery

Our Eco-Friendly Ethos

We are hoping to encourage fellow makers to begin using recycled materials where ever possible. This process has brought on an abundance of inspiration for us & constantly pushes us to lower our impact on nature.

Eco-friendly cards and packaging
Environmentally friendly jewellery packaging

Constantly developing, our vision continues to grow from strength to strength – this is the joy of creating!

Portrait of Matilda

Matilda’s Bio

Matilda grew up in Sweden. Surrounded by a family with great skill sets, she loved exploring her creative spine.

After college, she embarked on a Diploma course as a Makeup Artist in Stockholm.

This led to some exciting jobs and brought on more curiosity. At the age of 21, she decided to go and explore the world. After a trip to Bali, she landed in Brighton, UK and felt at home with the wonderful diversity of people.

Mira’s bio

Growing up in Germany with artistic parents, Mira has always had creativity in her genes.

As a teenager, she established an interest in photography. With this in mind, she decided to move to England to study photography at the University of Brighton.

Brighton opened up the doors for trying out different media & meeting many great inspirational people.

Portrait of Mira
Organik Mechanik workshop